Newsletter 6/10/18: The Real In-N-Out Secret Menu

the real in-n-out secret menu


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In-N-Out Of Love

You might’ve heard about the In-N-Out secret menu, but there’s so much more than animal-style fries. Go for the “around-the-world” shake, which blends strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors together and the cheesy wiki, which combines cheese and tomato on a bun. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Oil Edition

Sprinkle salt in your pan before adding oil to avoid splatter.

Power Up

Summertime Sadness

You might think that you’re only at risk for seasonal affective disorder in the winter, but surprisingly, people are afflicted by the condition in the summer, too. About one percent of the U.S. population feels gloomy through the sunny summer days and as a result, could experience fatigue and insomnia. [Swirled]

Need. Coffee. Now.

If you’re one of those people who likes to consume coffee by the boatload, take a step back. Scientists are creating an algorithm to help people identify how much caffeine they need to stay on top of their lives, and even when to consume it. [Swirled]

Junk In The Trunk

It turns out that advertisements may be more harmful than we thought. Research shows that young people who regularly watch junk food commercials consume 18,000 more calories on average per year than those who don’t see that Domino’s commercial. Ohhhh my god. [Sky News]

Live Like A Boss

Little Miss Perfect

Do you identify as Type-A? You’re not alone, especially if you’re a millennial. Researchers found that significantly more young people consider themselves to be perfectionists than previous generations. [Swirled]

I’m Forever In Your Debt

It’s no surprise that millennials are drowning in student loan debt. But some U.S. companies are aiming to help their employees pay it off to relieve stress. Fidelity Investments, for example, has implemented a payout program to help its staff with loans. [US News]

One Man’s Trash…

Everyone has stuff they know is valuable, but aren’t sure where to sell it. Worry no longer! The website Decluttr offers cash in exchange for your old books, games and tech devices. Score! [Insider]

Savor Each Bite

Lettuce Show You The Way

We would eat our veggies more if they didn’t get so weirdly soggy after four days in the fridge, right!? A salad spinner, a thorough wash and a diligent dry with paper towels will keep your lettuce crunchy longer. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Gather your friends, grab a bottle of bubbly and brunch hard with this spinach, feta and egg bake. You’ll almost feel like you’re on the beaches of Greece soaking up the sun. Ahh… [Cooktoria]

Pack Your Bags

Undah Tha Sea

Sometimes, the most beautiful wonders are unseen by the human eye. Malta’s Azure Window, for example, sadly crumbled into the sea. Luckily, all you need is some scuba gear and you can view the ruins underwater. [Swirled]

We’re Hiked

If you’re one of those people who opts for “dangerous” hikes (think sheetrock, lots of climbing, etc.), the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea is for you. The trek takes 10 days to complete, and beware of the poisonous plants! Oh, and that’s only one extreme hike of many. [Swirled]

Our Window Of Opportunity

If you love grabbing a window seat when you fly, soak it up while you can. Reports say that windows may not be a part of plane designs of the future. Why? Airlines want to give all passengers the same view, so expect virtual windows down the line. [Travel + Leisure]

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