Newsletter 6/14/18: Why Vodka Soda Gets You Drunker

why vodka soda gets you drunker


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“I’m Sooo Drunk!”

Don’t listen to anyone who says your vodka and club soda is a weak choice. As it happens, cocktails that include a carbonated beverage do get you turnt faster. The gases released in your stomach from the carbonation lead to your body processing alcohol faster. Woah! [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Cupcake Edition

Pierce a cupcake wrapper with a popsicle stick to catch all unnecessary dripping.

Power Up

That Coffee’s Weak

Sure, your morning Joe could get you moving, but don’t discount some foods that actually contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. While the average mug has 75 milligrams of caffeine, one cup of dark chocolate chips has 100 milligrams. Chocolate for breakfast, anyone? [Swirled]

That’s Fruity

If you can’t get enough fruit in your life, hold your horses. Studies show that having too much fruit in your diet without balancing the other components (vegetables, protein, etc.) could get your pancreas into trouble. [Time]

Live Like A Boss

On The Schedule

If your work schedule feels like a mess, let’s get you sorted out. First, figure out if your job is more managerial or creative, and then tailor your schedule to the bulk of your job description. That means write out everything you do and figure out where each piece fits in on a daily basis. [Swirled]

Busy Bee

You might have gathered that being too busy will burn you out, but did you know that being too busy could also result in impaired memory and weakened sense of smell? Yep, when you’re constantly running around and stressed out, you’re less able to connect both mentally and physically. [Well+Good]

I Wanna Be A Millionaire

Dreaming of striking it rich? Join the very large club of millennials (53 percent, to be exact) who reported that they believe they’ll be millionaires at some point in their lives. [Money]

Savor Each Bite

Ketchup To That Expiration Date!

Have you checked the expiration date on your condiments lately? Before serving up those burgers, make sure your ketchup has only been in the fridge for a maximum of 12 months. Oh, and keep an eye (and nose) on your mustard to know if it’s time to throw it out as well. [Swirled]

Pass The Gahhhlic

Unless you’re a vampire, you’ve probably eaten or cooked with garlic before. The issue? You end up smelling quite fragrant. To avoid the stench, keep your body cool while you cook (so the smell doesn’t get into your pores) and wash your hands with a stainless steel bar. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Who said dinner tonight had to be blah? Kick your Thursday night into high gear with this spicy ginger meatball stir-fry recipe. With juicy chicken meatballs and sautéed veggies in a yummy sauce, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. [Swirled]

Pack Your Bags

Cave, Man!

We’ve taken notice of the surge in cave Airbnbs, and we have to admit — we’re pretty impressed by them. If you’re into it, consider staying in the cave Airbnb in Granada, Spain. At just $64 a night, you’ll be encased in thick, cool white walls and have access to a swimming pool, as well as a view of the gorgeous town.[Swirled]

Setting The Bar High

When you think of white sand beaches, your mind probably goes to Mexico or Fiji, but Tanzania’s Zanzibar comes pretty close to paradise. The white beaches there, like Kendwa, offer a number of resorts where you can walk outside and straight into an oasis of sand and sea. [Swirled]

Life In Plastic, It’s Not Fantastic

While those clear cups and little drink straws you get on planes might be just fine to you, the travel industry is slowly, but surely, getting rid of plastic. Cruise ships, airports and hotels are moving toward more eco-friendly offerings for its patrons. Yay! [The Washington Post]

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