Newsletter 5/13/18: Google Releases Quick Pay Feature

google releases quick pay feature


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Life Hack Of The Day: 911 Edition

You can call 911 even if your phone doesn’t have service.

Up Your Health Game

Anti-Social Media

Social media is supposed to connect us, right? Not so fast. Research shows that increased activity on platforms like Facebook could lead to poor mental and physical health, as well as increased feelings of isolation. Our advice? Limit your time on Insta! [Swirled]

Smart Sneakers

While we’re plenty comfortable checking our FitBits for our daily step count, the health tracking movement has moved to — yep — sneakers. Under Armour launched its newest shoe, the HOVR Connected Series, that connects to the company’s MapMyRun app to make tracking movement even easier. [Swirled]

Pedi Perfection

Need a pedi to salvage your feet from the winter blues, but don’t have time (or cash)? Don’t panic. You can get baby-smooth feet at home by mixing baking soda, lemon juice and toothpaste. Remove any nail polish and scrub the mixture on those tootsies with a toothbrush. [Well+Good]

Live Like A Boss

Mom Knows Best

No one’s never too old to ask mom for guidance, even Billionaire Richard Branson. He lives by some of his mother’s best career tips. Her best advice? Never look back on a business decision with regret — no matter how bad — but instead, move onto the next project. [Thrive Global]

Payday, Heyyyy  

Sending money to our friends and family has gotten significantly easier with the help of money apps. Now, Google is jumping on the instant-pay wave with a new feature called Google Pay within its Gmail for iPhone app. Set up your account, connect your card and pay away! [CNBC]

Office Politics

Millennials aren’t just weighing salary and benefits when deciding whether to accept a job offer. Research shows that 74 percent of the demo says that a company’s political positions would make or break their decision to take the job. [Drexel]

Savor Each Bite

Clearly Tipsy

The darker the beer, the stronger, right? Not necessarily. Massachusetts brewer Springdale Beer created a clear beer called “Any IPA.” The IPA is as clear as water with a fruity and light body. But it’s no weakling — with an ABV of 6.5 percent, you’ll get a buzz on. [Swirled]

Tonight’s Specials

There are a number of reasons why specials show up on your fave restaurant’s menu. The chef could have found some ingredients at a local farmer’s market or could have been particularly craving a dish. Worst case scenario? The chef’s trying to use up nearly expired ingredients. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Satisfy your sweet tooth this weekend by making this super easy coconut caramel poke cake. [Averie Cooks]

Pack Your Bags

It’s Exclusive

We’d like to think the world is ours, but it’s not entirely. There are a few places we can’t go, particularly mega-exclusive islands most humans will never get to visit. You can only visit the beautiful shoes of Niihau, Hawaii, for example, by special invitation. [Swirled]

Euro Trip!

Looking for some cheap European destinations for a summer getaway? Head to Stockholm in July for particularly low fares for solo travel, or hit up Positano in June if you’re traveling with bae. Going with a group? Look for cheaper flights to Prague in July. [Travel + Leisure]

Deal Of The Day

Let’s cruise on out of here when next winter’s chill sets in. For a limited time, you can score a seven-night Caribbean cruise for just $799. You’ll be island hopping while your friends are buying warmer scarves. [Times Union]

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