Friday Fluff 8/17: The Cutest Dogs Of The Week

cute dog

Joe Cuaderno

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Say hello to the cutest dogs of the week.

Bowie, Golden Retriever, Almost 4 Months Old

Golden Retriever puppy

Sarah Betti

Fun Fact: Bowie’s favorite pastimes include begging for food and chasing the vacuum cleaner.  

Did You Know? Golden Retrievers are part of the “Sporting Group” of dog breeds, which means that they need a lot of exercise. These natural-born athletes are always down to get moving, whether it be by going on long hikes, playing fetch or taking a swim. [American Kennel Club]

Koda, Siberian Husky Mix (Rescue Dog), 5 Months Old

Husky dog mix

Kathleen Webber

Fun Fact: Koda lives with not one but two cats. Her mom and dad think the pup is starting to become BFFs with them!

Did you know? Just because your puppy is chasing your cat doesn’t mean they don’t get along. “Most dogs will chase rapidly moving objects,” so if your kitten gets frightened and runs away, your pup will feel instinctually bound to chase after him. [WebMD]

Elby, Yorkie-Pomeranian Mix, 7 Years Old

cute small dog

Joe Cuaderno

Fun Fact: Elby will always stop whatever he’s doing to give you a high five. He’s a team player all the way.

Did You Know? Pomeranians (or “Poms”) were once much larger dogs. But in the mid-19th century, England’s Queen Victoria had them bred to their current size so that they could better fit into her lap. [Animal Planet]

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

It’s Clear The Shelters Day this Saturday! NBC and Telemundo-owned stations teamed up with hundreds of shelters across the country to host a nationwide pet adoption drive on Saturday, August 18. Here’s how you can get involved to help pups and other pets across the country find their forever homes.

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