Daily Fit 5/6/19: Weightlifting For Weight Loss

weightlifting for weight loss

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Health Tip of the Day: Burn more calories and boost your metabolism with compound strength training exercises.

What Science Says: In strength training, compound exercises are movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Examples include lunges, deadlifts, squats and exercises that incorporate two different moves into one like a bicep curl to shoulder press. Since these exercises recruit multiple muscle groups simultaneously, they’ll help you burn more calories in less time compared to isolation exercises like calf raises and leg extensions that only target one muscle group at a time. What’s more, you can usually lift more weight when doing compound exercises versus isolation exercises since the former involve more muscle groups and joints. Think about it — you’re usually able to lift more weight when doing squats compared to when you’re using the leg extension machine. Putting more (good) stress on the body by lifting heavier loads when doing compound exercises will allow you to grow your muscles and having more muscle mass helps you burn more calories at rest. [SELF]

How To Do Them: When it comes to compound exercises, often the simplest moves produce the best results. You can get a great full-body workout by doing just a handful of basic compound strength-training exercises like barbell deadlifts, bench presses, back-loaded squats, overhead presses, pull-ups (assisted or regular) and lunges with dumbbells. If you’re new to weightlifting or you’re just looking to brush up on your form, check out our how-to guide for the best weightlifting exercises that all gym-goers should know. [Swirled]

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