You Can Win A Whirlwind Trip Abroad If You Vote In The Midterm Elections

voting on election day benefits

Unsplash/Element5 Digital

Your vote counts this year in the midterms — and it could also win you a trip to your dream destination.

Contiki Tours is offering voters the chance to win a whirlwind trip to amazing places around the world just by casting their vote in the United States midterm elections. One person will receive an epic reward for doing their civic duty of voting and posting photo evidence on social media.

The winner gets to join one of Contiki’s tours through Spain, Morocco and Portugal; Cambodia and Laos; Peru, and Egypt. And if that lucky U.S. citizen books his or her travel through Contiki, the winner will also receive a $1,000 credit toward booking their flights.

voting on election day benefits

Unsplash/Parker Johnson

How can you claim your chance to win this fantastic adventure? Well, first you have to participate in our democracy by voting in the midterm elections. Second, take a selfie with your “I Voted” sticker and post it on Instagram with “#VoteWithNoRegrets” in the caption. (Pro tip: Make sure your Instagram account is public so that the Contiki people can see your post.)

One note: Taking a photograph of your ballot is illegal in many states, so don’t take a pic of your actual vote. Instead, snap away once you’ve gotten that sticker outside your polling place.

This year is a biggie, so even if you don’t win the trip, you can still show off your dedication to making your voice heard in the midterms. Now, get out there, friends!


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