11/5/18 Newsletter: Vegan Skincare Is Magic

Vegan skincare is magic


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From our partner VEGAMOUR

We dove into the world of vegan skincare with VEGAMOUR, and we gotta say — we’re never turning back. After all, shouldn’t we treat our skin as well as we feed the rest of our body? (That answer, friends, is a resounding yes.)

The Deets: The vegaLASH and vegaBROW serums supply your lashes and brows with everything they need to be full and beautiful while avoiding all of the harmful chemicals other products commonly contain. And all of VEGAMOUR’s products are 100 percent vegan, natural, cruelty-free and hormone-free, meaning your skin gets all of the powerful, plant-based nutrients it wants and none of the icky stuff it doesn’t.

Great News: For being a loyal Swirled subscriber, Vegamour is giving you some major discounts right now on these game-changing serums. You can score either vegaLASH or vegaBROW for 35 percent off (a $30 savings) or buy one and receive the other one for no extra charge (a $79 savings). Time to stock up! [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Perfume Edition

Rub Vaseline on the areas you spray perfume or cologne to make the scent last longer.


Did You Know? SPF matters more for your skin in the colder months than it does in the summertime. Wintry scenes (piles of white, glistening snow and cloudy skies that feel so bright you have to squint when you walk outside) reflect up to 90 percent of UV rays while beachy setups of beige sand and blue water only reflect up to 20 percent of those same rays. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

Vampire energy collectively costs Americans roughly $19 billion every year. By learning which rooms use the most vampire energy, or standby power (used when tech and appliances are left in idle or sleep mode), you can reduce your power bill each month. [Swirled]

Quote Of The Day: “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” — Malala Yousafzai [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

If you only think of haggis when you think of Scottish food, you’re missing out on the good stuff. There’s stellar salmon and lobster, as well as sweet treats like scones and shortbread cookies. And don’t even get us started on Scottish whisky… [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: This hearty, all-in-one-pot Tuscan dinner will satisfy your Italian cravings with chicken, tomatoes and cream sauce. Plus, the recipe swaps in zoodles for noodles so you can still feel healthy with your comfort food. [Swirled]

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New Zealand’s Rere Rockslide is a thrilling (and enormous) natural waterslide. It’s almost 200 feet long, and adventurous swimmers can bring tubes, wakeboards or rafts as they take a spin down the waterfall. [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day: There’s a once-in-a-lifetime Airbnb hanging off the side of a cliff in Peru waiting for you. The glass-sided pod is only reachable by a steep hike through the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, and it has a panoramic view of the mountainous landscape. [Swirled]

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