11/7/18 Newsletter: The Cheap Flight Hack You Need

the cheap flight hack you need

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In the market for cheap flights? Well, of course you are! (Who isn’t?) You need to download the Skyscanner app ASAP. It’s the easiest way to find the most affordable flights.

The Deets: It works similarly to Google Flights, Kayak and Momondo. You plug in your destination, dates and other preferences, and Skyscanner will give you the best available flights. The app’s “everywhere” search allows you to search the entire world, and then you can sort flights by “cheapest,” “fastest” or plain ol’ “best” (an algorithmic mix of the two). The app even tells you the best time to travel to a certain destination.

The Bottom Line: Don’t overpay for a flight when you can get one for the lowest price (and not compromise on quality). Cheap flights in the palm of your hand? Hell yeah. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Ring Edition

Coat the inside of your cheap rings with clear nail polish to prevent getting those green stains on your fingers.


Your body needs healthy fats like omega-3s to function properly, and Murray’s chicken now makes thighs, breasts, wings, drumsticks and legs with naturally occurring fatty acids in them. If you’re bad at taking vitamins or you don’t like fish, this poultry pick is a great option for you. [Swirled]

Did you know? You may not be replacing your razor as often as you should. Not switching out your shaving tool frequently enough could leave your skin exposed to rust and infection-causing bacteria. Consider drying your razor after every use and storing it in a less steamy place like your bathroom cabinet. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

The Trim app will help you lower your bills and save more money. It’ll negotiate your cable, phone, internet and/or car insurance bills for you so that you pay less per month. Plus, it’ll help you unenroll from subscriptions you no longer want, transfer money into a high-interest savings account and more. [Swirled]

Did You Know? You could be draining your phone battery without even knowing it. Keeping it out of the heat, using a “slow” charger (the legitimate chargers you get from your carrier) and unplugging it once it’s fully charged will help keep your battery healthy and strong. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

Grocery shopping is the most common type of online shopping. A solid 26 percent of adults buy groceries online every week, and 21 percent are buying prepared food and drinks on a weekly basis. This number won’t be slowing down any time soon, with 60 percent of millennials making impulse purchases within the last year. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Spiked cider is the libation you need in your hand throughout the fall months. All you need is a cinnamon stick (at this point, you should probably have a collection of cinnamon sticks lying around), orange juice, cloves, star anise and bourbon, and you’ll be nice and toasty in no time. [Swirled]

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Deal Of The Day: You can fly roundtrip to the U.S. Virgin Islands for as low as $201. Prices on flights leaving U.S. destinations like Miami, NYC, Boston, LA, Buffalo, Richmond and Washington, D.C. to St. Thomas are ridiculously cheap if you plan to fly between now and September 2019. [The Points Guy]

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