The Bennett, A Retro Bar, Reinterprets The Classics

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  • From the same team that brought you Raines Law Room and Dear Irving, The Bennett in Tribeca serves polished, well thought-out cocktails like the Bergdorf Lunch (pisco, elderflower, green apple and pear juice, and orange blossom spritz) and the Good Evening, Spitfire (ancho chili liqueur, mezcal, coconut milk, and cold brew)
  • The menu boards tell you the shifts of each bartender so you know when your favorite barkeep is on call. Each table also comes with a switch that you flip to let the staff know you’re ready to place an order or grab the check
  • In addition to a long list of bar snacks that range from light to hearty (beef jerky, cauliflower croquettes, The Bennett Burger, and sliced Parisian ham, among many others), the bar serves brunch on the weekends. Get the biscuits and gravy or the banana pancakes with brown sugar plantains

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One of the cocktails, Frank of America, is named after bar director Meaghan Dorman’s boyfriend Frank, who works at Bank of America. Toast to the couple with this rye cocktail with byrrh, Amaro Abano, spiced maple, and angostura bitters