Daily Fit 07/12/2019: The #1 key to great workouts

The #1 key to great workouts


Workout Tip Of The Day: For a great workout, use activation exercises to warm up the muscles you’re planning to target.

What Are Activation Exercises?

Whether you’re squatting low or pumping up your shoulders, activation exercises can help sync your body with your mind. Our desk-driven sedentary lifestyles can mean that the muscles we want to bulk up the most don’t fire correctly when we get sweating in the gym. Because they’re often underactive, those pesky glutes might get a minimal burn while your quads take over instead. Activation exercises can help your brain tune into each part of your body, allowing you to achieve better results.

Here’s How To Do Them.

The best part about activation exercises is that you need only spend a few minutes doing these moves at the beginning of your workout. When doing activation exercises for the glutes, keep your reps slow and controlled, making sure to squeeze at the top. During activation exercises, it’s crucial to tune out any distractions and focus on the muscle you’ll be bulking up for a boosted workout. Read on for more activation exercise benefits and tips. [FitBodyHQ]

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“What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up.”

— Shelly Eichas

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