Target Announces Significant Price Cuts On Grocery Items


With all the hubbub about big companies like Amazon and Whole Foods working together to decrease grocery prices, it comes as no surprise that others are following suit to stay relevant. Next up in the game is Target, and we’re thrilled.

The superstore announced on September 8 that it’s slashing prices on thousands of grocery items. Yep, you read that correctly: thousands. But Target isn’t stopping there. You can also find reduced prices on items like “razors, bath tissue and more,” the press release reads.

Though the press release doesn’t announce how much prices will lower or list every product affected, officials say to prepare for a total save. “We’ve spent months looking at our entire assortment with a focus on offering the right price every day and simplifying our marketing to make great, low prices easy to spot, all while maintaining sales we know are meaningful to guests.”

As cheap as most Target items already are, we’re ecstatic to hear that they’re upping their game. Love you forever, Target.