Science Says Head To The Country Or The Coast For Your Healthiest Trip Ever


Urbanites, that instinct we all have to get out of the city sometimes is totally backed by science. Recent research suggests trips to rural or coastal areas are much better for your emotional health than spending time in even the greenest park in your favorite city.

The study surveyed 4,500 participants about their emotional well-being after being in a city or a protected, rural or coastal national park. Travelers who went to the country or the coast reported feeling more relaxed and refreshed, and they also returned home with a deeper emotional connection to nature.

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“Our mental well-being and our emotional bond with nature may differ depending on the type and quality of an environment we visit,” study author Kayleigh Wyles, Ph.D., said in a statement.

It’s not a huge surprise that while taking some time in Central Park can give you a nice mini reset, it won’t do as much for your mental health as a full-blown excursion out into the countryside. But it does give you full permission to plan a trip to a national park and reconnect with the wild. Hey, science says travel is the answer when you’re feeling exhausted by the city, so get trekking!