7 Ways To Make Rice Cakes Not Taste Like Cardboard

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Let’s be honest — no one gets that excited about eating rice cakes. They have very little flavor (if any at all), they don’t fill you up and they often crumble into a total mess. However, they’re still an old-school healthy snack staple. After all, they are gluten-free, vegan, low-calorie and contain zero trans or saturated fats. Plus, if you add on tasty toppings that are high in fiber and protein, you can make your snack even healthier.

If we’re being real, we love rice cakes because they are easily accessible and relatively cheap, too. But instead of eating them in misery, give these seven rice cake flavor upgrades a try.

1. Cream Cheese, Chive And Smoked Salmon

It’s all the fun of a bagel without the danger of the carbs. You can make it the same way, too. Just spread on some cream cheese – chive or veggie flavored if you’re feeling fancy – and add on the toppings of your choice, be it cucumbers, red onion or capers. This might just be the breakfast you never knew you were craving.

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2. Parmesan, Mozzarella And Cheddar Three Cheese Pizza

You can ditch the excess grease and still indulge in your favorite junk food. Start with a tomato sauce base and melt on your three favorite kinds of cheese on top for all of the gooey deliciousness. If you’re eating rice cake pizza as a meal, add toppings just like you would with a regular pizza. This way, you can add yummy ingredients that will also fill you up.

3. Mashed Avacado “Toast” And A Poached Egg

Replicate the trendy breakfast go-to with your rice cake. Mash avocado and lime juice for the spread and garnish with sea salt, pepper and crushed red pepper to taste. Finish the meal off with a poached egg on top. Warning: You may forget you never used the toast.

4. Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato And Basil

Combine your Caprese salad recipe with the crunch of a rice cake. It’s super easy. Just slice fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, add freshly chopped basil and drizzle on some pesto for a mouthwatering finish.

5. Plain Greek Yogurt, Pistachios And Honey

If you’re more sweet than savory, try this rice cake recipe. It’s just another creative way to add some Greek yogurt to your life. It works as a great on-the-go breakfast recipe or even as a mid-afternoon snack.

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6. Melted Chocolate, Marshmallow And Graham Cracker Crumble S’mores

Satisfy that sweet tooth with this s’mores dessert rice cake. The chocolatey goodness will give you that feeling of nostalgia as if you’re sitting around a campfire – but better.

7. Guacamole, Corn, Black Beans And Cilantro Taco

Here’s another great way to make taco night guilt-free. If you want to spice it up, add the ingredients of your choice — meat, cheese and grilled vegetables are all great additions. We bet you’ve never had a taco like this one.


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