Daily Fit 07/16/2019: 3 Plank Mistakes You’re Making

plank mistakes

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Workout Tip Of The Day: You’re probably planking wrong — here’s how to do it correctly to reap the most benefits.

The plank is easily one of the most popular exercises in fitness, and for good reason. It engages multiple muscles at once, it can be made challenging for every fitness level and it doesn’t require any equipment. Although you might think it’s hard to mess up the plank because it’s so straight-forward, the exercise actually requires a lot more than simply holding your torso horizontally while keeping your elbows or palms and toes on the ground. Believe it or not, planking with good form is quite hard. Here are three tips to get the most out of this exercise.

1. Keep your elbows and toes hip-width apart.

You want to keep your back horizontal at all times while you plank, so don’t let your shoulder pinch together. Also, avoid the temptation to clasp your hands, because keeping your elbows hip-width apart is essential for proper alignment. Unclasp your hands and position them hip-width apart — our guess is you’ll feel the burn a lot more in your core!

2. Engage your glutes.

Squeezing your butt will help you maintain a horizontal spine without arching your back or rounding it. Once you try this, you’ll realize that planking for a minute is a lot harder when you’re doing the exercise with correct form.

3. Maintain a neutral neck.

Don’t look up while you plank because it’s an easy way to strain your neck and have neck problems down the road. Instead, focus on keeping your neck neutral and your head in line with your spine. Tuck your chin in and maintain your gaze on the floor, keeping your neck long and in line with the rest of your spine. Tap through for more tips to get the most out of your planks. [The Active Times]

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