Ever Wanted To Hike Naked In Germany? Now’s Your Chance


If your wildest dream involves hiking naked in the German mountains, you bet we found the ultimate experience for you. Hey, we’re not here to judge. Culture Trip reports that there are actually a lot of ways to embrace the great outdoors in the flesh. Pack your bags (and leave your clothes at home).

A small group offers private hikes to nudists from around the world. The organization, called “Deutscher Verband für Freikörperkultur (‘German Society for Nudists/Naturists’), organizes nude hiking outings. You and your friends (or just you with a few other strangers) can hike multiple trails sans clothes to get the fully “free” experience.


Another company, Natury, also offers nude tours. You can check its calendar of events for more info on how to participate.

Both organizations plan events meticulously, making sure to choose trails that aren’t so heavily traveled. No one wants a family to be passing through and awkwardly seeing your naked body, right?

It might be weird to some, but if hiking naked (or just being naked outdoors) is your thing, check out the organizations and plan your trip. We won’t judge.