Motorcycling Honeymoons For You And Your Biker Bae

motorcycling honeymoons

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Are you and bae biker babes? Then we know what you should do for your honeymoon. A motorcycling trip, obviously. We rounded up a list of once-in-a-lifetime kind of road trips for you to take with your new spouse. Here’s where to put on your short list.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Probably the most romantic spot on this list, the Amalfi Coast is everything you’d want in a honeymoon destination. The roads offer some of the most beautiful scenic┬ádriving you’ll find worldwide and when you’re ready to get off the bikes for the day, there are beautiful towns such as Positano, plus all the Italian cuisine you can eat. Oh, and wine. Cheers to love!

Istanbul, Turkey

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The drive from Istanbul to Anatolia across Turkey is a tour of the country’s varied landscapes. You’ll get to see Cappadoccia’s cave houses and the spectacle of hot air balloons filling the sky above the rocky formations, ancient ruins and the beautiful Black Sea. Cozy up with your partner over a cup, or three, of Turkish coffee after you park for the day.

Pacific Coast Highway, California, U.S.

The United States’ most famous drive (and potentially one of the best in the country) is a prime honeymoon spot for reasons besides the views. You can take a day or two to tour vineyards, breweries and hit the beach all within just a few miles. But the whole route can be as long as you want, from northern California all the way down to Mexico.


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The ride from Lhasa to Kashgar isn’t an easy one (we hope you newlyweds are great bikers), but it’s unforgettable. You’ll ride from Tibet to Everest Base Camp. Talk about a bucket list honeymoon. Even if you’re not climbing the monster mountain, it’s enough to see it with your sweetie.

Hana Highway, Hawaii, U.S.

Classic honeymoon spot Hawaii has some pretty great highways in addition to its beaches. But luckily, you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can hop from beach to beach along the Hana Highway and live the easy Hawaiian life.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia’s big draw for road trippers and bikers is the Great Ocean Road. It’s known for its long wide open stretches, wildlife along the way and seriously amazing views. The bit from Lorne and Apollo Bay is the highlight for bikers, but we say do the whole thing. You only honeymoon once!


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