JetBlue Is Offering $31 One-Way Flights On Halloween


Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, which obviously means we’re celebrating from October 27 to the early morning hours of November 1. We’re sure you already solidified your plans to celebrate, but we suggest you cancel them. Trust us — it’s worth it. JetBlue announced that one-way tickets on a number of flights during the week of Halloween will be as low as $31.

JetBlue has significantly slashed prices on flights leaving cities like New York City, Tampa, West Palm Beach, San Francisco, Chicago and Denver. For $31, you can get a one-way ticket to destinations across the U.S., and even some outside of the country.

Note that the Halloween sale does include some stipulations. Eligible dates for the $31 price range from October 27 to November 4, and some trips require you to leave and return on a certain day. Also be aware that some flights do not include typical accommodations like checked baggage and in-flight meals.

Whatever you’re doing for Halloween, this flight deal is so much cooler. Think about it this way: you could easily spend $62 just on drinks on Halloween night. You can get a roundtrip flight for the same price. We know what we’d choose.