A New James Bond Museum Sits Atop The Austrian Alps


Don’t miss your chance to feel like Bond, James Bond. An immersive new museum, 007 Elements, just opened on Gaislachkogl mountain in Solden, Austria. The James Bond museum will give fans an opportunity to visit the world of their favorite spy. Featuring an installation showcasing Bond’s rich cinematic experience, the museum can be reached via the Gaislachkoglbahn cable car.

The innovative museum’s aesthetic mirrors a Bond villain’s lair and, in Bond’s typical over-the-top fashion, is built with high tech features and cutting-edge design. Located in the Austrian Alps, the museum even neighbors the futuristic, glacial ice Q restaurant showcased in the 2015 Bond film “Spectre.”

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“We want to use this incredible location to place our guests into Bond’s environment, and bring the stories to life in a unique and unforgettable way,” said Neal Callow, the art director of Daniel Craig era Bond movies, on the official museum website.

The entire experience is structured so that visitors feel as though they, too, can fight a Bond villain. The visit begins in the circular Bond lair and after “Spectre” director Sam Mendes virtually welcomes visitors to MI6, they are ready to embark on their journey. 007 Elements offers visitors a captivating history of Bond films filled with props from sets, clips and unique stories.

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Opening this summer, the museum will offer diehard Bond fans and interested visitors alike a fascinating view into the locations, gadgets and memorabilia (yes, the golden gun will be there) that cultivated the James Bond legacy. Further details and advance ticket information will be coming soon via the museum’s website.


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