Newsletter 6/13/18: Insta’s new HQ has us like 😱

insta's new hq has us like


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Insta’s new headquarters got a sweeping makeover, which includes a new gelato station, stocked bar and — of course — backdrops for that perfect selfie shot. While we cheer when our offices provide the occasional breakfast bagel, New York City-based Instagram employees have just hit the workspace jackpot. [Business Insider]

Life Hack Of The Day: Airplane Mode Edition

If you want to save your phone battery, turn on airplane mode. Powering down your phone completely actually wastes more energy.

Power Up

Uh Huh, Honey

Leave that grocery store honey behind and go for the raw stuff, which is loaded with nutritional benefits. Raw honey has antifungal properties, could soothe your sore throat and can actually help heal surface wounds. [Swirled]

Off The Scale

While weighing yourself could be a good indicator of progress, you should think twice about stepping on the scale every day. Not only could the habit become obsessive, but it could cloud your perception of the bigger picture. It’s about how healthy you are, not how heavy. [Swirled]

You Got A Friend In Me

Your best buds don’t just get you through the hard times — they also boost your health. Studies have shown that those with close-knit friend groups tend to live healthier, happier lives than those who don’t. [The Guardian]

Live Like A Boss

Down The Drain

Buying your toiletries doesn’t have to be a massive extra cost that hits you like a bus every month when you least expect it. (“We’re out of toilet paper again?!”) If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to pantry items like toothbrushes and paper towels, priced low and conveniently shipped to your door. [Swirled]


If you’re guilty of eating lunch at your desk every day, you’re not alone. Twenty-two percent of North American bosses think their employees who take lunch breaks aren’t working as hard as the rest of the team, and 38 percent of American employees don’t feel encouraged to take the break. Ugh! [Tork]

Savor Each Bite

Brave The Brews

Feeling adventurous and craving beer? Skip your safe go-to and try some of the weirdest beers out there, like Thai Peanut. The pad thai-inspired beer is made by Michigan’s Right Brain Brewery and has notes of coconut oil, Thai chili peppers, dry-hopped cilantro and peanut butter. [Swirled]

Pop, Lock And Freeze It

Throw it back to the old days with adult ice pops that are perfect for summer. Skinny Freezers are 100-calorie pops in summery flavors like watermelon lemonade, lemon drop, appletini and cosmopolitan. With an ABV of 8 percent, you can bet it’ll buzz you up good. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Pack an extra punch with your weekday salad game by making a BLT chicken salad with balsamic. Filled to the brim with fresh avocado, tomato, bacon and juicy chicken, your coworkers will wish they brought their lunch, too. [Yammie’s Noshery]

Pack Your Bags

Sky High

If you’re a fan of heights, check out Switzerland’s Hammetschwand Elevator, which provides gorgeous views of the Lucerne Valley from over 500 feet up. This one’s worth an Insta. [Swirled]


Seeing the sights of Amsterdam? Don’t miss out on the boutique hotel that has a room for every budget. The Lloyd Hotel offers unique rooms ranging from one to five stars, five being the most expensive. You can grab a one-star room for just $77 a night or splurge on a five-star for $550.  [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day

We’ve got Spain on the brain! It’s easy to do when six-night travel packages for Madrid and Barcelona start at just $859. Yep, that includes flights, too. Leaving from big hubs like New York City, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco, you’ll be out of here faster than a bat out of hell. [Times Union]

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