Here’s How To Order All Of The Hello Kitty Wine You Want


Yes, Hello Kitty wine is a thing and it just got even better. Sanrio, the Japanese company behind the beloved cat-like character, partnered with the Italian-based Torti Winery back in 2007. Just in time for the 2017 holiday season, there’s a new lineup of Hello Kitty wines available. New developments to the Hello Kitty wine lineup include new packaging and two completely new types of vino. According to Food and Wine, there’s a new award-winning Pinot Noir and a special edition Sparkling Rosé, which also has limited edition packaging.

The two new wine additions join a family of five total wines including a Sparkling Rosé, a Pinot Nero and a “Sweet Pink” blend that comes in a limited-edition gift box. All five wines are produced in the Lombardy region of Italy with a combination of Pinot Nero grapes. Anyone who feels nostalgic about all things Hello Kitty can find these wines in 10 states including California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C.

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Buying the whole collection of five wines doesn’t come cheap at a whopping $147.30. The least expensive bottle, the Hello Kitty Pinot Nero Vinified in White can be purchased for $24.50, while the most expensive bottle of Hello Kitty Special Edition Numbered Rosé goes for $39.95.

If you’re interested in buying Hello Kitty wines for the holidays, maybe as a gift for someone or for yourself, you can find them online here.

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If you’re a dedicated Hello Kitt fan, these bottles might be worth the splurge. The bottles are all pretty on their own, especially the Special Edition Numbered Rosé, which comes in a shiny Hello Kitty-Pink bottle. Without a doubt, there’s someone in your life who will appreciate this as a gift.

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