Gemstone Food Is The Next Big Trend And It’s Stunning


You might be tired of hearing about colorful food like the unicorn trend. Trust us, so are we. But there’s a new sensation in town. Say hello to the gemstone food trend. It may be the prettiest thing around, and we’re not sure how we survived without it. Alright, maybe we can survive just fine without it, but would you just look at this beauty?!

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Cakes, donuts, pastries and toasts are being decorated with bright colors and sugar crystals, and they look just like you cracked open a gorgeous geode. Cake artists, in particular, have taken to Instagram to display their incredibly meticulous decorations that take ordinary cakes to magical heights.

The trick to making gemstone food is using a watercolor-esque swirling technique on the surface and attaching sugar crystals (yep, the ones that make up rock candy) in the form of a geode or gemstone. The result: an edible work of art.

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Look, we’re not really into eating icing on toast, but damn, are these babies fun to look at. At least this trend was inspired by something real, right? Science, guys! Rock formations! All cool stuff.

We’ll keep gawking for as long as this trend lasts.