The Five Guys Secret Menu Is Ridiculous


Americans know how to be loyal when it comes to their burgers. Five Guys won the title of America’s favorite burger restaurant brand over In-N-Out. It’s known for its generous portion sizes, unlimited peanuts, fresh-cut fries and limitless toppings. Oh, and its standard burgers come with two patties, so if you only want one you’ll have to ask for it “little.” Here’s the secret five guys menu, because sometimes it’s worth straying from the usual.


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Double Grilled Cheeseburger

Well, there’s a first time for everything. Take your patty melt to the next level and order a double grilled cheeseburger. Warning: You might want to eat salads for a couple of weeks after since this secret menu creation is HEAVY AF.  In between two grilled cheese sandwiches you can fit as many beef patties as you want, plus unlimited toppings. The bun is crispy on the outside while the inside is filled with molten, cheesy, juicy goodness.

Decked Out Grilled Cheese

There’s hope for vegetarians at Five Guys. You can go in and ask for a grilled cheese, which is on the menu already, but you can customize it with any of the unlimited toppings. Get yourself a grilled cheese with mushrooms and grilled onions or add a few jalapeños. You could also go for the classic tomato and grilled cheese sandwich. The burger buns are toasted on the griddle so you’ll get the full effect of a burger without the meat.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Order a hot dog with pickles, tomatoes, relish, hot sauce, green peppers, mustard and little Cajun seasoning. There’s no reason you need to eat a plain hot dog when you can order this monster. Go big or go home.

Presidential Burger

While he may not be our president anymore, it’s a given that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing when it comes to food. You can dine like the Obamas at these restaurants or go to Five Guys and order the presidential burger. The Obama-style burger has cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeño peppers and mustard. Five Guys’ locations in the D.C. area should know this secret menu item, but you might have to remind staff elsewhere.

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In-N-Out “Animal Style” Double-Double

If you’ve been to In-N-Out, chances are you know what “Animal Style” means. The chain’s burger is made with extra special sauce, grilled onions, pickles and mustard-fried patties in addition to all of the regular toppings. Five Guys has a secret menu item that can rival this burger. Order a regular cheeseburger (which is naturally two patties and a single slice of cheese) and ask for extra cheese, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce and pickles. You can make your own version of special sauce with ketchup, mayo and relish and lather up your burger. Unfortunately, you’ll need to head to the West Coast for those mustard-fried patties.

Patty Melt

Order a patty melt off of the secret menu and you’ll get a sandwich with grilled buns served upside down (round side facing down towards the burger). The tender beef patty is placed between two buttery grilled slices of bread. Add a bunch of grilled onions, warm melted cheese and you’ll be in patty melt paradise.

Fries Well Done

No one likes soggy fries. Five Guys hand cuts its fries and cooks them in peanut oil. You get a giant portion of fries in a 24-ounce cup, which basically guarantees you leftovers. Limit your chances of any soggy fries and ask for them “well done.” They’ll fry your fries in peanut oil twice to make them extra crispy. You can also avoid the soggy dilemma by taking them out of the bag as soon as you sit down. You don’t want anything ruining your fry experience.