Crown the Best Ramen at Japan Fes 2016

175 Deno

Are you a ramen junkie whose blood runs thick with tonkotsu broth? Put your noodle obsession to good use this Sunday (October 16) at the 2016 Ramen Contest as part of this year’s Japan Fes (formerly the Japan Block Fair). Explore a multitude of noodle styles as you taste ramen bowls from shops in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and even Japan.

Admission is free and the festival runs from 10am-6pm.

175 Deno

175 Deno

Fes attendees will vote for the ultimate ramen champion among several competitors, including:

2016 marks the first time that the competition will include two ramen shops from Japan (175 Deno and Menya Jiro), both of which are eyeing the possibility of expansion to the US. At Japan Fes, American ramen lovers will have the chance to try these two distinct regional styles for the first time.

Bonus: all voters on Sunday will be entered to win a round trip to Japan for two.

If you can’t make it to the festival on Sunday, or simply can’t get enough ramen, the Japan Fes heads to Midtown on Monday, October 17 (4 West 43rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue). Admission is free, and ramen featured during Sunday’s contest will be served all day for $5 a bowl. Open 11am-9pm.