You Can Buy These 5 Award-Winning Wines For Under $10


Have you ever picked up your go-to cheap AF wine and wished it was the “good stuff”? Well, aside from the fact that cheap wine doesn’t necessarily translate to cheap taste, there are ways to drink seriously good wine without paying a serious price. These five wines are winners of international awards and the cost less than $10. Penny pinching wine-os, it’s your time to shine.

1. Bodegas Nekeas Vega Sindoa Tempranillo — $8

This juicy red wine won a silver medal at the 2015 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition. Hints of spice and lots of berry flavor make this wine taste expensive and unattainable, but it’s only $8.

2. Banfi Col di Sasso — $9

Banfi Col di Sasso is a bronze-medal-winning cherry Cabernet-Sangiovese blend. It beat out the competition at the 2014 TEXSOM International Wine Awards — and you’d never expect it to be cheap. Yet, here it stands at just $9.

3. Aveleda Fonte Vinho Verde — $6

Clocking in at just $6, this Spanish white wine is a blend of Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto and Azal Branco grapes and includes citrus and green apple notes. The ridiculously cheap wine took home a silver award at the 2016 International Wine & Spirit Competition.

4. Alma De Luzón  — $8

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Winning a silver medal at the 2015 International Wine Challenge, Alma De Luzón is a red blend of Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The non-oak aging process allows for the bold red flavors to shine their brightest.

5. La Moneda Reserva Malbec  — $6

Possibly the most surprising of all, this Malbec, won a Platinum Best In Show award at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards. What’s so surprising about this one, exactly? You can buy it at Walmart.