This Coffee Tea Hybrid Is The Best Of Both Worlds


When we think about where our coffee comes from, our minds usually go to beans. What you might not know is that the beans are just a seed of a fruit that’s referred to as a coffee cherry. Cascara, which means “husk” in Spanish, is brewed from the outer shells of the coffee cherry that have been meticulously grown, picked, produced and dried. There’s a naturally sweet component to cascara since it’s is brewed from the dried fruit that protects the coffee bean.

On its own, cascara doesn’t taste like coffee when it’s brewed. It tastes more along the lines of an herbal tea with tangy and floral elements. Slingshot Coffee Co. knows its cascara. Going by the company’s expertise, the outer coffee cherry contains caffeine and it’s high in antioxidants.

Starbucks makes a Cascara Latte that’s espresso-based with a syrup made from the coffee cherry extract itself. The extract is mixed with coconut and cane sugar. The Cascara Latte is subtly sweet with notes of dark brown sugar and maple, and it’s topped with foam and a crunchy, caramel-like cascara topping.

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Cascara is still a fairly new concept in the United States. Producing this specialty brew is sustainable since the cherries are usually discarded once they’re separated from the bean. The outer shells work hard to protect the beans while they grow, so by using the whole fruit, we can help reduce waste and make the most of the whole coffee plant. Just like regular brewed coffee, cascara will vary in quality depending on who produces it and whether or not it’s properly brewed. If you’re someone who can’t decide whether you’re a coffee or tea person, cascara may be the answer.

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