Newsletter 4/14/18: Your Body Can Predict The Weather

can your body predict the weather

Unsplash/Anjana Menon

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Life Hack Of The Day: Text Message Edition

If you accidentally text the wrong person, don’t panic. Put your phone on airplane mode immediately to stop the message from going through — it’ll cause the send to fail and give you time to delete it.

Up Your Health Game

Wakey Wakey

A new study shows that night owls have a higher chance of dying young than early risers. The later you wake up, the higher your risk is for premature death. Those late risers also have higher rates of diabetes and and psychological disorders. But don’t worry, you can change your biological clock through small, incremental changes to your daily routine. [Swirled]


Did you know that when you flex your muscles, you flex your brain, too? Research shows that as your muscles get stronger, your brain gets more activated. You feel sharper, more mentally balanced and you can actually think more clearly. Just one more reason to hit the gym! [Swirled]

Eye Of The Storm

“Mean Girls” was so right. Turns out, your body actually can predict the weather. Your body picks up on subtle cues around you — like air pressure from oncoming rain or snow — to feel a storm rolling in. It’s like you have ESPN or something. [Well+Good]

Live Like A Boss

Movin’ On Up

Don’t look down on the service industry. Some of the most successful people in the world worked their way up from waiting tables to their dream job. Even Barack Obama went from ice cream scooper to POTUS. Queen Latifah started her career at Burger King and just look at her now. #Goals [Swirled]

Social Butterfly

Adaptability is the key to social success, according to recent research. It’s the best trait you can have for any situation. If you can be flexible, you’ve got the ability to think on your feet and quickly adapt to individual scenarios, instead of blurting out the first thing to come to your mind. [CNBC]

I See You

Google Drive’s new feature takes track changes to the next level. In addition to seeing who changes what and when in a document, you can now see who views the document. So if you’re waiting for your boss to OK an update, you can see if he or she’s actually looked at the doc. [Lifehacker]

Savor Each Bite

So Shiny

Halo Top is going cosmic with its latest creation. The brand’s second Scoop Shop in Los Angeles is rolling out a Stardust Sundae. It’s a black marbled waffle cone with vanilla soft serve, star sprinkles, geode crystal candy and a signature “holographic” vanilla sauce. [Swirled]

Straight Saucin’

Trader Joe’s Zhoug Sauce is the freshest way to spice up your marinades, sandwiches and pastas. The zesty sauce is made with cilantro, jalapeño, chili flakes, garlic, cumin seeds, cardamom and sea salt. The best part? Your new fave is just $2.99. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Make cute cafe worthy avocado toast right at home with this easy egg and avo recipe. It’s as simple as smashing the avocado, sprinkling on some spices, cutting a hole in the bread and frying up an egg. Delish! [Averie Cooks]

Pack Your Bags

Disney Life

Talk about a fairytale bargain. For around $30 a night, you can stay in a Snow White-esque castle with a labyrinth-like garden and gorgeous views of nearby peaks in Benasque, Aragón, Spain. Airbnb FTW.  [Swirled]

Get Into That Swing

Adventure junkies, you have to include an adrenaline-inducing swing experience in your next vacay. South Africa’s bungee-zipline hybrid tests anyone’s fear of heights, plunging in and out of a deep jungle gorge. Nevis Swing in New Zealand sweeps you right above the canyon floor at over 70 miles per hour. You’ll plunge 524 feet down, so be prepared to lose your breath. [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day

Want to go to Asia for the price of traveling to Europe? You can travel to Hong Kong and back from Los Angeles for the low price of $544. [The Flight Deal]

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