12/5/18 Newsletter: Best Ways To Save On Food

best ways to save on food

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Saving money on groceries doesn’t always mean clipping coupons. Buying in bulk can save you some serious cash. Grabbing vegetables like corn frozen instead of fresh is another great way to save because frozen veggies are often cheaper, they last longer and they can even have higher nutrient contents than the fresh stuff. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Holiday Candy Edition

Want to save some money on holiday gifts? Send your loved ones candy boxes that weigh less than 13 ounces. You can pop them in the regular mail and send them out — all you need is a stamp.


Sculpt your shoulders without paying for a pricey gym membership. Start with incline pushups, beginning in a high plank position with your hands on a flat surface like the side of a couch. With your core engaged, inhale and slowly lower into a push-up position, keeping your elbows at a 45-degree angle from your body. As you exhale, push back up to the starting position. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

By age 35, you should have a year’s worth of your salary in a retirement account, according to female-focused financial firm Ellevest. If you’re starting from scratch, aim to save about 10 percent of your income a month, but whatever you can throw in is going to be better than nothing. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

Need To Know: Here’s The Easiest (And Healthiest) Way To Eat Organic On A Budget

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Sometimes saving on travel doesn’t mean buying the budget plane ticket. Depending on what you consider necessary on a flight (snacks, choosing your seat, being able to have a carry-on, etc.), you might end up spending more by getting the budget ticket and adding on amenities. You could spend less on an economy ticket. [Swirled]

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