6 Total Dad Trips That Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

best trips for fathers day presents

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If your father is the guy who taught you how to have adventures, then consider returning the favor this year with a trip with your dear old dad. Regardless of whether you want to spring for the entire vacation or make the plans alongside the rest of your fam, here are six trips that make great Father’s Day presents.

1. For Bourbon and Barbecue — Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Kentucky

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Is your father essentially a cartoon dad? Then he will love the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, where you can visit distilleries where they’re making batches of the good stuff. After you sample your fill of bourbon tastings, grab some Kentucky BBQ. Wash it down with a craft beer, or, if you’re game, another bourbon.

2. For A Big International City — Toronto, Canada

You don’t have to spring for a pair of plane tickets to Europe to experience an international city break with Dad. Canada is just across the border and the flights are generally more affordable than southern flights to Mexico. If your dad is into the cosmopolitan life, we’d recommend Toronto. It’s got all the big-city thrills you’d want — restaurants, skyscrapers, public parks and a nice waterfront.

3. For Golf — Hilton Head, South Carolina

If your pops is a golf guy and you’re ready to step up to the tee, take your dad to Hilton Head. The courses here, even if you opt for a less expensive option than the famous Harbour Town Golf Links, are on par with some of the best around. Even better, Savannah, Georgia is right nearby if you want to kick things old school with a nice dinner in one of our favorite southern towns.

4. For Music (Past and Present) — New York, New York

Classic rock dads out there will love a trip to NYC to dive into the history of some of the best artists of our time (both your father’s generation and yours). From Bob Dylan to the Strokes to Wu-Tang Clan to Jay-Z, they’ve all walked New York’s streets and left their marks all over the city. Even better, Bruce Springsteen currently has a show on Broadway where he plays some of his biggest hits and tells some of his best stories.

5. For Ecotourism and Volunteering — U.S. National Forests

Combining his love of hiking with a deep interest in landscaping, you can bring your dad on a weeklong volunteer trip to one of the U.S.’s amazing national parks, forests and monuments in need of some assistance with the American Hiking Society’s volunteer vacations. You might find yourself doing general trail maintenance or even chopping and sawing trees — you can choose your trip depending on Dad’s (and your) fitness levels.

6. For Following the Literary Greats — Florida Keys, Florida

Besides the gorgeous beaches, the Keys are a destination for readers and writers. There’s the official Ernest Hemingway House and Museum, but you’re not just chasing Hemingway’s ghost here. Robert Frost, Martha Gellhorn, Tennessee Williams, Shel Silverstein and Ralph Ellison also wrote from the chain of islands. If Dad is looking for literary inspiration, he’ll be thrilled with Key West.


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