Savvy Saver 4/17/19: Best Sites For Major Savings

best sites for major savings

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Budget Tip Of The Week: Find free and discounted items on sites like OfferUp, Furnishare and more.

These websites, plus others like ThredUp, Rebag and Tradesy, often have items sold by private sellers who want you to take clothes, shoes, furniture, bikes and more off their hands. You could even end up scoring some things completely free, saving 100 percent on what you would have paid elsewhere. [Swirled]

Definition Of The Week: Price Adjustment

If you’re tired of buying an item and then seeing it go on sale a week later, you should ask for a price adjustment. As long as you have your receipt and proof that the item is now priced less than what you paid for it, you can get the difference back in your pocket. For online shopping, use the Paribus app and it’ll negotiate the price adjustment for you. [Swirled]

Digit Of The Week: 80%

Clothes and shoes might actually be worth 80 percent less than you’re paying for them. That’s because companies mark up the price in order to make a profit. So if you’re wondering why a pair of heels didn’t last as long as you had hoped, it might be because they only cost a few bucks to make. All the more reason to buy used! [Swirled]


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