This English Pizza Company Wants To Pay You To Sample Slices


Can you spot a Margherita or a marinara from a mile away? Do you have strong pizza preferences? Then you need to apply to be a pizza taster in Britain, stat.

Bath Pizza Co in England is seeking an “experienced pizza connoisseur with a love for wood-fired flavors” to sample new pizzas for the menu.

Qualifications for the gig include having a “cultured palate” and being able to give constructive feedback to the restaurant’s culinary team, according to the job posting.

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The best part? Bath Pizza Co is willing to cover travel costs (even your flight across the pond) in order to get the best pizza-lover into the job.

You’d only work for a couple hours a week, so you’d have to come hungry in order to taste-test everything in a short amount of time. But if you’re an eater who dreams of never-ending access to custom-made pizzas, you should probably apply.

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Applicants will be judged on how they answer a series of questions, the most important of which asks, “What makes awesome pizza?” So better get brainstorming, pizza experts.