1/7/19 Newsletter: Anxious? Eat These Foods

anxious eat these foods

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If you’re feeling a little anxious, certain foods could help curb those negative vibes. Research found that consuming omega-3 fatty acids (found in chia seeds and whole grains like rolled oats) helps reduce the effects of anxiety.

Other Tasty Picks: Cashews are high in zinc (which is linked to the reduction of anxiety) and full of mood-stabilizing vitamins and minerals like B6 and magnesium. And don’t forget blueberries! This cute little superfood packs a major punch of nutrition, from vitamin C to flavanoids to phytonutrients, that improves your cognitive function and relaxes your anxious mind.

The Bottom Line: What you eat can directly impact the way you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. So reach for the right foods and you’ll be the best version of yourself. Happy snacking! [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day:Snack Bowl Edition

Cut the top off a bag of chips to make an instant snack bowl.


Did You Know? Our ancestors caught their Z’s a lot differently than we do today. We might (try to) sleep a full eight hours each night, but 200 years ago, people slept for four hours, took a two-hour break and then went back to bed for another four hours. [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

Mint is the app that will make you hyper-aware of your finances. It’s free and lets you connect all of your accounts in one place, so you know where every dollar is at all times. Plus, it will suggest better accounts for you to stash your money in so you can grow it even faster. [Swirled]

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Food + Drink

There’s a significant difference between cheap and expensive vodka beyond taste. Cheaper vodkas are made from the leftovers of the expensive ones, which means all the unwanted parts that don’t go in expensive bottles — yep — make their way into the less expensive ones. The top-shelf stuff might be worth it in the long run! [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Kick your meal prep up a notch with sheet pan chicken fajitas. Choose your favorite vegetables (we love peppers and onions) and toss them onto a sheet pan with chicken and spices. Bake to perfection in less than 30 minutes, and enjoy! [Swirled]

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Thrill seekers need to check out the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower, the longest tunnel slide in the world. Located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, the tunnel slide is 242 feet high and 584 feet long with 12 winding turns. Bonus: It only costs $22 to try it out! [Swirled]

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